Both professional and amateur clubs rated us with a 9.6 for both the system and our learning methodologies. Do you also want to start training and learning how to have your teams perform better? Work on player performance step by step. From young to old, Talento is for everyone.

Of course, the people are what matter within an organisation. Talento provides an excellent foundation for this with the Trainer app, which is partly why it works so easily for every user.



Edwin Huis in ‘t Veld
Technisch  Coördinator
SV Voorwaarts Twello

Because all trainers work with Talento, even in the non-selection teams, information can be easily shared throughout the entire club. This improves the collaboration within the association



Gerrit Boerman
Hoofd Jeugd Opleiding
Kolping Boys

The ultimate goal is that with Talento, we can follow players’ developments even better and respond to them more quickly.




Julien Linkerhof
Technisch  Coördinator

Our coordinators love working with Talento. Tracking all match reports and player developments with 1 login code creates a lot of peace and enjoyment, and it gets rid of all weekly e-mails and processing reports. The focus is now on assessment and improvement

Gerrit Afink
Bestuurslid Voetbalzaken
Oranje Nassau Almelo

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